About Us

KD Premier Paws

Led by Krista LaRocque, KD Premier Paws has a mission of producing dogs suitable to be assistant animals. We’ve chosen particularly to take advantage of the intelligence and low-shedding coats of Poodles, add the trainability and good nature of Golden Retrievers, and combine that with the remarkably loyal and personable nature of Great Pyrenees to offer you wonderful Golden Pyredoodles.

Centrally located in west Kansas, and available nationwide in the USA.

What Makes Us Different

While dog breeders are often misclassified as uncaring or cruel there are many of us who are seeking to raise the bar on how purposefully bred dogs. I am part of a group of breeders called Empowered Breeders/ Badass Breeders through a program developed by Jeanette Forrey. I also have worked with another group to become an Elite Breeder.

As our Kennel has become a family business,  it is both different and similar to the various farms that surround us here in Central Western Kansas. I do not do any of this alone. My husband David maintains all the facilities and builds just about anything we need. My children at home help with cleaning, training, dog washing, walking and most importantly socialization! All of this results in well-rounded puppies that have experienced a lot of different situations.


With years of experience and a genuine love for our dogs, we are proud to be part of the journey that brings dogs and their families together. 

The aim of our puppy pricing policy is to be as fair as possible to everyone on our list awaiting their precious new puppy.

With a focus on responsible breeding practices and a genuine love for each breed, we strive to produce puppies that not only meet but exceed breed standards.

The Process

Ready to add a KD Premier Pup to your family? Lean more about our process here.

Puppy Application

To begin the process, please take a moment fo fill our application.

Schedule A Call

Once we have received your application, we will schedule a call.

Reservation Fee

A deposit of $500 secures your place on our waiting list.

our policy on

Reservation Fees

Your position on the list is strictly determined by the date the waiting list reservation fee is received.

 If we are unable to provide a puppy for you in the time-frame estimated in our first email to you, and you wish to leave the list, you are entitled to a fast and complete refund.

 If you cancel your placement on the list for any reason we will refund your reservation minus $100 admin fee.

 If you cancel your placement on the list after being allocated and accepting a puppy your payment(s) to date is/are non-refundable but will be held for you as a credit on your next puppy if you do not wish to choose from the puppies available.

Why Choose Us

While we put in so much love, attention and socialization, their story really starts when they go home with their new owners.  

We follow a daily curriculum with our puppies called the Empowered Breeder program. My puppies are introduced to new experiences and socialized in various ways. Several puppies are raised here well past the 9-10 weeks a puppy generally goes home. In addition to assisting each mom dog while she gives birth in one of our 2 indoor puppy suites, we weigh the puppies starting day one and identify each puppy. Generally we have a theme for each litter.

I homeschool my own human children and we also homeschool our puppies! They start their classes at just 3 days old with ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) and ESI (Early Scent Introduction) exercises. Those activities continue and at 7-8 weeks they are evaluated using the BAB/ Empowered Breeder evaluation to predict what type of family would fit them best. I do not allow picks before then and I don’t allow picks based on gender and color alone since I respect both my puppies and their future families enough to help set them up for success.

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