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KD Premier Paws

Hello! My name is Krista LaRocque. I began KD Premier Paws after realizing 2 of my dogs – Lady Liberty (a wonderful Golden Retriever) and my male Great Pyrenees, Ranger – were naturally providing emotional support for our family.

We have built our family through adoption and as a result my children have faced various traumas in their lives. Not only the separation from their first families (which is trauma enough), but also many have lost their first countries, language, other siblings. When we began KD Premier Paws in 2020 our 14 children ranged in ages from 29 down to 8. We had “only” 6 children living at home (which would take another whole website to explain since it is also an old high school). Our children have an alphabet soup of dx such as FASD, ADHD, PTSD, ODD, RAD and various other diagnosed conditions.

In the adoption community I became aware there was a need for more service dogs- particularly large ones. Our family works together to provide the most well rounded puppy you could find.

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Reservation Fee

A deposit of $500 secures your place on our waiting list.

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