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We understand that choosing the right breeder and puppy for your family is an important decision. To help you navigate this process with confidence, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to address common inquiries about our breeding practices, our puppies, and our commitment to responsible pet ownership.

Do you breed for a specific look or breed?

At KD Premier Paws we do not breed for a specific look or breed, but rather the temperament to be a service dog or some other sort of assistance animal. Even though we raise our pups to be be service dog potentials, we do place puppies into pet homes as well! We focus on health first and then temperament second above looks. I do also pair well-structured parents and so the result has always been very nice looking dogs. Currently, Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Bernedoodles, Golden Retriever, Golden Pyrenees, Golden Pyredoodles or Poodles are potential pairings, but we only breed 3-5 litters a year. We do partner with other breeders who might even co-own with us in the future and work towards the same goals.

Do you have akc puppies?
I breed for function and not purebreds specifically, but occasionally I will have AKC puppies and they would be available on a limited registration
Are your dogs health tested?
We prioritize the health of our puppies in several ways. We DNA test parents through Embark and check hips and other recommended tests. Puppies are dewormed, seen by the vet in my home and raised on the Empowered Breeder Curriculum. One reason we purpose breed mixed dogs is to reduce the COI (Coefficient of Inbreeding) present in every purebred dog.
Do you allow walk throughs?
At this time I do not allow walk throughs in my actual facility, but do welcome visits for puppies by appointment. I do not allow visits for very young puppies, but I am happy to have video calls through FB messenger or Zoom. I post a lot of pictures online as well. If you do come in person, please don’t visit other dogs first and you will be asked to wash your hands and provided with foot covers.
Do you utilize ENS and ESI?
Our puppies are raised on the Empowered Breeder Curriculum. We start ENS and ESI at day 3 and continue until day 16. We also introduce the puppies to a variety of unknown people and situations as they get older. They are raised around a lot of noises, music and other animals are often introduced as well.
What does my puppy purchase include?

Your puppy purchase includes a health certificate or health clearance, list of vaccines given by my vet and deworming schedule. Your puppy will be microchipped and everything you need to register your puppy in your name is included. I often include the early socialization schedule and way they responded. Also, a lifetime membership to Baxter and Bella is included for no additional cost if requested. Each puppy has a health guarantee as well.

How do I reserve a puppy?
To reserve a puppy please fill out the form on our site . A deposit is required. Puppies are not chosen before temperament testing. We will work with your family to find the best match, but will also take into consideration. Occasionally, puppies will be only made available as a service dog potentials and not sold into a pet home.
Do you have references?
We can provide references and also have testimonials we can share.
Are the puppies trained?
Our puppies complete the Empowered Breeder Curriculum and some basic training. Generally, they have been introduced to a crate and have learned some leash manners. We also work with families to help make sure the puppy is able to navigate their new home smoothly.
How are breeding pairs chosen?

We prioritize responsible breeding practices and focus on genetic diversity. Our breeding pairs are chosen very carefully.

How do you transport the puppies?
While we do not have a specific transport recommendation, we personally will meet part way or bring a puppy to someone out of town. If you find a transporter you wish to use then we will work with whatever their requirements are within reason. There is an additional transportation fee if we are meeting more than 2 hours from my home.
Do you have a health guarantee?
Yes, Please refer to our guarantee policy for more details.
What happens if I can't keep the puppy?
We require you contact us to let us know. We will always take back a puppy/ dog from our breeding program. We do have specific policies in place for this situation if it comes up.
Do you offer lifetime support?
We offer lifetime support and a family FB group as well! We are always available to help answer questions and support you. If it’s a training question the Baxter and Bella trainers can be contacted to set up one on one meetings in addition to the pre-recorded lessons and videos.
How can I stay connected?
Stay connected by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on FB where we announce new litters or here on our website.
DO you neuter?
Our puppies aren’t neutered if placed under 1 year old. Over 1 year old and trained adults can be and often will be placed.
Do you use Guardian Homes?
Yes, but I do often have parents in guardian homes. So, I will need to know before puppy pick up if you would like to meet parents.
When do you place puppies?
I prefer to place puppies between 8-10 weeks old – unless you are looking for an older trained puppy/adult dog.
What do you feed the puppies?
Our puppies are currently on Diamonds Natural Puppy Food lamb and we supplement daily with a rice/ pumpkin/ fish oil and probiotic mixture.
Do you have a wait list?
Yes, we have waiting lists and you can choose a certain pairing. We only currently breed 3-5 litters a year. So, please contact us soon if you want to be added to the list.

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