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At KD Premier Paws, our primary mission is to breed dogs that excel as exceptional assistant animals. To achieve this goal, we have meticulously selected the finest breeds, harnessing the intelligence and hypoallergenic qualities of Poodles, the trainable and gentle disposition of Golden Retrievers, and the remarkable loyalty and personable demeanor of Great Pyrenees. The result? The creation of our extraordinary Golden Pyredoodles.

Situated in the heart of west Kansas, our breeding facility is centrally located for convenient access. While we proudly serve our local community, our reach extends far beyond state lines, making our beloved Golden Pyredoodles available nationwide across the USA.


These delightful crossbreeds, a mix of Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers, combine the best traits of both beloved breeds to create the ultimate furry companion.

Golden Pyrenees

Golden Pyrenees are known for their majestic appearance, with their striking golden or creamy coats and regal stature. These gentle giants are incredibly sweet-natured and devoted to their families.

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Occasionally (but rarely) we will have a litter of Golden Pyrenees puppies. This is because I love to combine the Golden Pyrenees and Poodle for my Golden Pyredoodle puppies. Since very few people are purposefully breeding a Golden Pyredoodle sometimes I want to breed a litter of Golden Pyrenees for my own breeding program.  I do indeed love this combination.


These delightful crossbreeds combine the intelligence, trainability, and affection of the Labrador with the hypoallergenic coat and elegant charm of the Poodle.

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(Labrador Retriever + Poodle)

Very rarely, but occasionally we will have Labradoodle puppies available. What is a Labradoodle puppy? An F1 Labradoodle is a Labrador Retriever and Poodle cross and both parents are purebred. We have standard Poodles since our initial goal was to raise a large sized assistance animal. Labradoodles are known for being outgoing and can make a great assistance animal because they have a desire to please, ability to retrieve (in many instances) and are relatively easy to train. They also make a great dog for children since the Labrador Retriever is an extremely forgiving breed and more “rough and tumble” than some breeds that might be sensitive.

Labradoodles generally make great diabetic alert dogs and also can be great for deep pressure therapy or for someone with anxiety. Honestly, Labrador Retrievers are not my favorite breed of dog, but they are still the number one dog breed preferred by Americans. For those who like the personality of the Labrador, but wants or needs a lower shedding dog then sometimes they are a good fit. It does seem F1 Labradoodles do shed more than some other types of doodles though. Their coat can be coarse, and ranges from wavy to curly. If someone would like a curlier coat than an F1B generation where a Labradoodle is crossed back to a Poodle again would be preferable.

You will find a Labradoodle is a good fit for a family with or without kids who live an active lifestyle. Labradoodles generally get along well with other pets; if you have other dogs or cats in the home already that are used to dogs it is likely they will get along.

Golden Pyredoodles

This exceptional crossbreed brings together the intelligence, affection, and striking appearance of its parent breeds to create a one-of-a-kind furry friend.

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What is a Golden Pyredoodle? Well, here at Kansas Doodle we tried this cross Between a Golden Pyrenees and poodle and hoped for a larger sized assistance animal that would be more focused on the needs of its person and less interested in approaching a stranger. Currently, we have not been able to achieve the very tall/ large height we wished for, but the temperament and trainability of the Golden Pyredoodle has been everything we wished for and more!

The Golden Pyredoodles that have tested well on their temperament testing and have gone on to be service dogs, and do other types of assistance dog work. They have been slightly aloof with strangers, but outgoing and friendly enough to be in public with no issues. While they have loved their pet siblings, they have not pulled their owners towards dogs in public. They also have been very quiet when in public and have not displayed aggression. An unexpected quality has been the ability for many of my Golden Pyrenees to alert to certain medical conditions- such as a high or low blood pressure.

While a Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the USA (a Golden Retriever puppy is so cute!), the shedding coat is often an issue- especially if someone is allergic to dog dander. So, of course the Goldendoodle became very popular. However, I have chosen to cross a Golden Retriever and Great Pyrenees to produce a Golden Pyrenees and then breed to a poodle to develop the Golden Pyredoodle.

The Golden Pyrenees is an amazing dog and I have loved the Golden Pyrenees puppies and have a few in my breeding program. The puppies I have raised have turned into very loving and generally calm adults who adore children and also are slightly cautious. Almost all have been great with other dogs of either gender and cats. While a Great Pyrenees can be trained and trusted with chickens and farm yard animals, I would not expect the same thing from the Golden Pyrenees or Golden Pyredoodle.

The Golden Pyredoodle is a lighter shedding dog for sure than the Golden Pyrenees or Golden Retriever. You can expect very light shedding or possibly a coat that only sheds when brushed. The coat will change as the puppy becomes an adult. You will need to brush often and probably will wish to have your Golden Pyredoodle professionally groomed. If you choose to keep a longer coat they resemble a Sheepadoodle in looks, but unless you love to brush your dog it’s generally recommended to clip some of the long coat. None of my puppies have coarse, wiry fur common in Labradoodle or Goldendoodle puppies. They are soft and while they will in fact matte they are less than the Goldendoodles I have. They will absolutely matte if not brushed or cared for, and once the puppy coat turns into an adult coat it can happen very quickly.

Since my focus is always producing an assistance animal, you might wonder what tasks a Golden Pyredoodle is suited for? That depends largely on the temperament of each puppy. While I work with each puppy through a curriculum, it will be essential for you to also work with your Golden Pyredoodle and train him or her well. They have a very keen sense of smell and while mine do not bark excessively, occasionally you might find your Golden Pyredoodle is more of a night owl like the Great Pyrenees and will likely alarm bark when someone approaches your home.

I am not sure what makes this particular unique combination as amazing as it is. I love the balance of slightly cautious to outgoing. They are “nosey” and do beg for human food and seem very food motivated. Yet, most I know also are motivated by praise alone. They forgive quickly and have a very long fuse. Even as puppies they generally do not show dominance over humans and very rarely do they nip at ankles or bite clothing. There are variations within the puppies, but these have been characteristics of all my Golden Pyredoodle puppies so far! It is possible this is only true of my lines since this combo is a unique one.

Why did I breed this combo? My goal was for a taller, larger, sturdier assistance dog to help someone needing mobility. However, my standard Golden Pyredoodles aren’t generally much larger than a large standard Goldendoodle. Still there are so many traits that make this breed combination perfect assistance animals. They are easy to train and eager to listen. They have a great nose which makes them well suited for diabetic alert dogs. Several have joined schools (not left at the school of course!) as facility dogs. While I will probably continue to have other breeds in my kennel such as Poodles, Golden Retrievers and Goldendoodles the Golden Pyredoodle is my personal favorite. They can also be any color a poodle could be.


Goldendoodles are known for their friendly and outgoing personalities, making them fantastic family pets and beloved companions. 

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We are pleased to be able to offer Golden Doodle Puppies for sale in Kansas this summer (2023). We are not too far from Wichita or Topeka, KS. So, if you are looking for a Golden Doodle companion or assistance animal in Kansas, you have come to the right place. While we do not ship our dogs by plane, we have worked with people all over the USA. If you do choose a young or small sized Golden Doodle flying your puppy in cabin with you might also be an option.

How did the Golden Doodle dog begin? The Golden Doodle or Goldendoodle is an intentional combination of both a Golden Retriever and Poodle. The initial intent was to produce a helper animal that was lower shedding and therefore an allergy friendly alternative to those needing an assistance animal. While Golden Doodles were bred as far back as the 1960’s they gained a lot of popularity in the 1990s. This is both a blessing and curse to the breed as I believe many people saw the Golden Doodle breed as a way to make a lot of money. Some people even inbred their dogs or bred a large Golden to a tiny poodle causing a variety or skeletal issues that still exist in the breed. However, a well-bred Golden Doodle is not only confidently friendly and outgoing, but also has a sense of humor. Both the Golden Retriever and Poodle are known to be easily trainable and a well-bred Golden Doodle will be a delight to train and will want to spend time with its people. The Golden Doodle is popular in both the USA and Australia, but in Australia the breed is called a Groodle.

Now there are Golden Doodle registries like GANA- Golden Doodle Association of North America and an established breed standard. Golden Doodle Breed Standard – Golden Doodle Association of North America There are other places that Golden Doodles can be registered. There is a reason they have become popular! The combination of a Golden Retriever and Poodle is indeed a winning combination.

Golden Doodle puppies are for sale in a variety of sizes. While some people do seek to breed smaller puppies like Toy Golden Doodles or Mini Golden Doodles and even Teacup Golden Doodles we breed mostly a Standard Size Golden Doodle and will have puppies for sale in the near future! The reason we focus on the standard sized Golden Doodle is because a standard Golden Doodle can perform all the service dog tasks from a trained therapy dog to a service dog for mobility, but a small or mini Golden Doodle would not be able to perform all those tasks. I am aware there are people who prefer a smaller sized Golden doodle to perform tasks such as a diabetic alert dog or seizure alert dog and thankfully there are people who do focus primarily on producing smaller sized doodles.

My focus for Kansas Doodles Golden Doodles is health and temperament above looks. I am committed to the Empowered Breeder / BAB philosophy to respect each dog in my breeding program with respect and each puppy born here with respect. We DNA test through embark, each of our parent dogs have their hips, patellas and elbows checked with PennHip or OFA. It has been a challenge to find a place to get the eye and heart testing done, but that is something we will be getting done in the near future.

The Golden Doodle is not likely to be happy as an outside dog away from their family. They are by nature an outgoing breed and like attention. When socialized properly and from a young age they are a delight! They can also be useful in many ways their original parent dogs can be such as field work, obedience, conformation, agility, companionship, service, detection, comfort and search and rescue. A Golden Doodle thrives as a trained therapy dog as well. Outcrosses are tricky and sometimes it simply isn’t a good match, but when focus is on health and temperament and not simply looks it increases the likelihood of a well-rounded assistance or helper animal.

My goal is like that of those beginning the breed. I want to offer a less shedding or none shedding puppy or trained older puppy / young adult dog to those who need an allergy friendly option.

We go above and beyond at KD Premier Paws. We make it a goal to produce the best temperament and to match what each family is looking for with their future lifetime companion.


With their stunning coats, which can range from fluffy and white like the Great Pyrenees to curly and hypoallergenic like the Poodle, Pyredoodles are as beautiful as they are affectionate.

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