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Past puppies

Our Past Puppies page is a testament to the love, care, and dedication that goes into each and every one of our breeding programs. From their first moments of exploration to their playful antics and heart-melting cuddles, these puppies have left pawprints on our hearts and created lasting bonds with their adoptive families.

Browse through our gallery to see the beautiful diversity of colors, coats, and personalities that our past litters have brought to life. Each photo tells a story of love, laughter, and the special moments shared between humans and their furry companions.



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Koda (one of my Golden Pyredoodles) is a great facility dog at a school here in Kansas. Lucky dog and lucky kids! Did you know that kids who go to school with dogs experience less stress as the year goes on and look forward to going to school more than schools without dogs (according to a study I read recently). Koda doesn’t care about stats. He is doing what he loves. A facility dog doesn’t live in a school!! They go home with their handler and are generally owned by their owner. 

Know someone who wants a facility dog in their school? I have dogs suited for this right now! I wish every school had a dog!

Daisey Duke

Daisey Duke lives with a fabulous Guardian Home! She has had one litter, but I have made the decision to retire her. She was a wonderful mom and it has nothing to do with that! I try to let all my Mom dogs retire early and go live out their best life! Some have gone to service dog placements or ESAs and some are pets. Daisey Duke spends much of her life as a track dog! I can’t say enough good things about her or her family!

If someone lives within 1 hour of Ness City, KS and is interested in raising a puppy/ young adult dog in their home as part of my service dog potential program let me know and I can share the details on all that is involved.


Good job to Paige and her person learning skills and working towards her Canine Good Citizenship Certificate (and likely Canine Good Citizen Urban Certificate). They are working hard! All my puppies go to their new homes with an membership to lifetime online training through Baxter and Bella.

Paige is a Golden Pyredoodle and many of her aunts and cousins are working service dogs or facility dogs already. Paige is doing great and experienced a trip to the zoo today.


So proud of Paisley and the job she is now doing at her school! This is her first year and she is loved and these kids look forward to having her there as their friend and support when needed. I love that several of my pups have gone on to be facility dogs at schools and with therapists. While I had initially planned to breed a larger sized dog for mobility assistance many of my pups have been placed as facility dogs.


Cocoa is the perfect canine friend for my son Christopher.  I had quite a list of qualities I wanted in a dog for Christopher and Cocoa fulfills them all. Her size is right and her temperament is perfect. She is gentle, patient, and isn’t spooked by all of Christopher’s special equipment. She loves to go on walks with us and allows Christopher to hold the leash without running off. She is loyal to Christopher. When he is on the floor, she lays right beside him so he can touch her. She doesn’t mind that his movements are not controlled or that he sometimes gets her hair caught in his fingers and hair gets pulled. When he is on the bed, she lays beside the bed. It was obvious from the beginning that Cocoa had been worked with and well cared for. We love her. She is a very special part of our family.
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