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Whether you’re looking for a loyal companion to join you on outdoor adventures or a cuddly friend to snuggle up with on the couch, our Starter Puppies are ready to become cherished members of your family. Explore our available puppies today and take the first step towards creating a lifetime of memories with your new four-legged friend

Buttercup (F1 Goldendoodle)

Ronnie (Standard Poodle)

Litter: F1B Goldendoodle Born March 25, 2023


These girls are basically triplets and practically impossible to tell apart. They have not had much training and even at a year old are very silly and act much younger than their actual age.

For that reason I am pricing them the same as my 12-20 week old pups at $3500. They have all been through some training, walk on leash, crate trained, but I will be working with them more and sending them off to board and train soon. Their price will increase to $5000 at that time.

They are all very smart and very likely would make great service dog potentials. I will depend on the trainers to help me decide what type of service dogs they would be. They love other dogs and each other. They have been in other homes together and separately for extra socialization.



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